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Dear Mum,

You have the biggest fan club and i'm not even jealous cus i'll always have slightly more friends than you but still, i'm always so proud to introduce my friends to you,


i'm always proud to call you my mum,

and I'm proud of all you've achieved

and the person you are today,

As a son, as a friend, 

Happy birthday.


Suuuuuue, you gorgeous thing: Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you’re spoilt rotten.

Let’s have about seven bottles of wine sometime over the summer and set the world to rights. Missing you always.

Big kisses ,

- Jake xx


Happy birthday Sue, the crumble queen!!

- Lucie Tremolieres

Sue oh sue there are so few that are like you,
You make us cheese on toast when we come on down to the coast,
I squeal with delight when I see the sight of you on Instagram, 
Our updates from Ben of family jaunts make London seem far less fraught.
So yes dear sue there are none like you and I wish all the love on this birthday to you.

- Lucy

Happy birthday Sue you absolute legend,

thanks for all your love and being gr8 xxx
- Aimee

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!! 
I hope you have a wonderful day in beautiful Devon,

which I miss and want to visit soon again :) 
Lots of Love,


- Anouchka

Sue ! I can’t believe how much of a legend you are!

The only person I know who can be up partying until 5am and up again walking dogs at 8am with no loss of energy.

Life and soul of the party, may your infectious laugh and spirit continue !


- Olivia

Happy birthday Sue! You Leggett Legend. I hope you get the finest bottle of wine for your birthday. I really hope to see you soon to share a bottle of wine (and another and then move on to the Baileys) all my love,


- Rebecca xx

Happy birthday Sue!!! Thank you for your warmth, generosity, and love over the years ❤ I’ll never forget walking into your house the night we first met to find you cooking steak (at 10pm!) so that I could eat after a long train ride, or when you patiently skied a black diamond in Grimentz with me when I was too scared to go on my own. You give so much of yourself to other people, but I hope today is all about you! ❤ Big love and see you soon, Julia xxx

Felicidades sweet Sue! I’m a fan, I feel so lucky I met you! You’re an amazing woman, with so much love to give <3 May this year be the greatest of all <:

- Marian xx

Happy Birthday wonderful Sue! Have a gin on us ;)

- Joe & Millie x

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sue!!! I wish you a wonderful birthday as you are a wonderful person.

Thank you for all of the incredible food, drinks, accommodation and company (and lifts!) every time I have come to Devon.

I know we all very much appreciate your unrelenting kindness and impeccable hospitality.

You have played a huge part in making our Devon experiences so enjoyable.

Best wishes,

- Katrina 🎉x

like a quintessential medium bodied red wine, 
You’ll only get better with age. 
Happy Birthday, Darling!! 
With lots of love, 

- Sasha 


Happy Birthday dearest Sue! Thank you for you indefatigable hospitality last weekend, your handiwork on set, and let's not forget the sloe gin... I look forward to seeing you and Pete soon, all my love, Dave. (PS I'll send you a copy of the EP when it's out as a belated gift)

SUÙUE! Glorious Sue, have a wonderful birthday. Have flowers, have tarte au citron, have it all. Much love to you and your Leggett clan - I miss you all very much! May the European sun shine bright for all heads, this summer.


- Bruno

Dear Sue, Happy Birthday! I hope you make the most of your special day with friends and family. Thank you again for welcoming me into your home, I wish that your birthday festivities are as over the top as Ben's, and that the Rosé flows as freely.



- Emily 


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