- 'How Does London Sound', 2019, Documentary Pilot, DoP (Dir. Carlo Polisano)

- 'Feel Memory', 2019, Feature Documentary, DoP (Dir. Vivian Silvera, USA)
- Titi Adesa. 2019, Commercial (DoP Olan Collardy, Alexa and Cooke Zooms)

- Room of Doom, Game show hosted by Yahoo Play, 2019, prod. Verizon Media, Camera op.

- GRM Daily: 10th Anniversary Documentary, DoP Joe Douglas, 2019,  1AC, prod. Asylum33

- 'Kindness Takes You Forward', 2018, Spec. for Kodak 16mm Challenge with AUB, 1AC (DoP Marti Guiver)

- Nokia Wifi [Commercial], 2018, 2nd AC. (Origin Workshop)

- 'Paul O'Grady's Movie Moments', 2017, Camera op. (Channel 4)

- '[....] The Future of Money', 2017, (Quartz. https://qz.com/), 2nd Unit DoP.

- 'Khan's Cabs' (TV Pilot), 2017, Camera op.



- 'Trace Collective', 2019, crowdfunding video and teasers, Director

- 'Stormlamp', 2018, Minidoc, Director.

- 'History of Art, Materials and Technologies Promotional Film, 2018, Director.

- 'Self Driving Cars Specialisation', 2018, DoP, (Interview-based online course for Coursera.org shot in Toronto)

- 'Sustainable Development in the 21st Century with Ban Ki-moon', 2018, DoP, (Interview-based online course for Coursera.org)

- Series of tutorial videos for Unity3D, 2018, DoP, Post production supervisor.

- 'Origins of Health', DoP (Documentary in progress, Emory University [U.S.A.])

- Virtual Reality MOOC, 2017, DoP and editor, (Interview-based online course for Coursera.org)



- Joseph Lawrence and the Garden, 'Fade', 2019, DoP, Dir. Jeremie Brivet, prod. El Grito / Starwood Management

- Will Tezz feat. LEILA, 'Watch Me Do Even Better', 2019, DoP, Dir. Jeremie Brivet, prod. El Grito

- Tilly Dent, 'Castle of Sand', 2019, Director, prod. El Grito

- Georgia, Live session for MTV push, 1AC (DoP Terrence Wilkins, prod. Jealous Films)

- EYK, ‘She Don’t Dance’. Alexa Mini, Zeiss Superspeeds MKIII (DoP Sam Meyer, prod. Himomimontv)
- Madison Paris, 'ETA', 2019 (DoP Terrence Wilkins, prod. Jealous Films)

- Jacob Banks, 'Love Ain't Enough’, 2018 (DoP Sam Meyer, Dir. Anthony Frum, Prod. Frmwrk London)

- Lotto Boyzz, 'Miss Jagger', 2018, 1st AC (DoP Sam Meyer, Dir. Christopher Chuky, Prod. Luti Media)

- Make You Know Love, 'TBC', 2018, Spark, (DoP Malte Rosenfeld, Dir. Jonas Lord, Prod. Papaya Films)

- Footsteps ft. Ycee, Shakka, Moelogo 'Maxi Dress'. 1st AC (DoP Fola Abotan, Dir. Ray Fiasco, Prod. Asylum33)

- One Acen ft. WSTRN 'Vice Versa'. 1st AC (DoP Fola Abotan, Dir. Ray Fiasco, Prod. Asylum33)

- Mr. Eazi, 'Pour Me Water', 1st AC (DoP Sebastian Slater, Dir. Alex Adjei, Prod. Asylum33)

- Team Salut, 'Hot Property', 1st AC (DoP Tansy Simpson, Dir. Ray Fiasco, Prod. Asylum33)

- Mr Eazi, Dj Neptune, 'Mia Mia', 1st AC (DoP Sebastian Slater, Dir. Alex Adjei, Prod. Asylum33)

- Cherry V, 'Swimming', 1st AC (DoP Ola Abotan, Dir. Ray Fiasco, Prod. Asylum33)

- Kiera Osment, 'Beauty is the Beast', 2018, Director

- Jake Downs, 'Wild', 2017, Director, DoP, VFX, Editor



- 'Just Claire', 2019, Short Film, Director 

- 'The Pink Triangle', 2018, Short Film, DoP (Dir. Camille Trombetti) 

- 'Lads', 2018, Short Film, 1AC (DoP Tansy Simpson, Dir. Charlie Hunter, Prod. Barmice Films)

- 'Crossing', 2018, Short Film, Director/DoP

- 'ISHA', 2017, Short Film, Art Dept. (DoP Simona Susnea, Dir. Christopher Manning, LFS)

- 'Afterparty 2050', 2018. Short Film, 1AC (DoP Ross Bain, Dir. Melody Ho, Prod. Maurice Brown)
- 'Stationary', 2018, Short Film, Spark. (DoP Samira Oberberg, Dir. Louis Chan, Prod. Fresh Look Films)
- 'Headliners', 2018, Short Film, 2nd AC. (DoP Olan Collardy, Dir. Koby Adoms, Prod. SBTV)